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I had the pleasure of performing with these rockstars at my first official CMA Fest performance! We sang ‘Born To Fly’ on stage and Sara Evans jumped up to sing with us. I had a blast and was so happy to meet everyone that came out!


In The Sun OUT NOW

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I wrote this song two years ago, back when I was nineteen and not sure where life was going to take me.
The idea came to me in a dream. I kept seeing the image of a large crowd forming a circle around me and they knew all my secrets. I saw songwriters refusing to work with me after they found out. I saw my life falling to pieces.
After I finished writing this song, I felt a weight leave my shoulders. I felt all of my insecurities fly away. I felt all of my walls fall to my feet. But, most importantly, I finally felt like ME.
Once I was able to see the effect this song had on both myself and others, I was able to breathe for the first time in a few years. My songwriting, my confidence, and ultimately my life have all improved since June 2016.
Most of you know the song but you might not know the importance or the impact it has. I am so lucky to have a sea of people around me that love and support me unconditionally.
Thank you to everyone who made this song, this video, and this woman possible.
This one is for anyone that is scared to tell their own truth.
Happy Pride month. This song is for you.

Nothing but love,


Written by: Jenna McDaniel and Kalie Shorr
Production: Jason Afable

Time’s Up-Rolling Stone

Watch Female Country Musicians Band Together in Powerful ‘Time’s Up’ Video

Proceeds from Song Suffragettes’ new release – condemning sexual misconduct against women worldwide – will go to benefit Time’s Up organization

As the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements begin to make their presence felt in country music, the Nashville-based songwriting collective Song Suffragettes is taking a strong stand against discrimination and harassment with the song “Time’s Up.” The video made its debut on Friday.

Co-written by Kalie Shorr and Lacy Green, “Time’s Up” doesn’t mince words about the power imbalances faced by women in every corner of the world. “They say good things come to those who wait, but we’ve waited long enough. Our time is here, our time is now, our time is come,” the members sing in succession, accompanied by an ominous descending piano riff and thunderclap drums.

In addition to Shorr, the track includes Tasji Bachman, Chloe Gilligan, Savannah Keyes, Mignon, Gracie Schram, Tiera, Jenna Paulette, Emma White, Jordyn Mallory, Emma Lynn White, Regan Stewart, Kim Paige, Jenna McDaniel, Madison Kozak, Jenny Ray, Tenille Arts, Tristan McIntosh, Tia Scola, Alexis Gomez, Candi Carpenter, Trannie Stevens and Lena Stone – many of whom appear in the video above. Proceeds from the sale of the song will benefit Time’s Up, an organization and legal defense fund started by women in entertainment to end sexual harassment, assault and abuse against women everywhere.

“The team behind Song Suffragettes hustled so hard to make this project come to life making our idea a reality,” said Shorr in a release. “I have been so inspired by this whole reckoning that’s been happening and it just felt so obvious to connect that to what we do at Song Suffragettes.”

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Time’s Up

As a little girl, I thought big bad wolves only existed in fairytales. I thought you could trust everyone. I thought sexual harassment only happened in movies.

Then I grew up.

Watching events unfold over the past few months has been both heartbreaking and inspirational. The courage these individuals display when they have to face their attacker(s), the amount of support they are receiving, and the world finally saying, “enough is enough” is incredible.

When young girls reach a certain age, society starts teaching them things like, “don’t walk alone”, “don’t wear that short skirt unless you want to be catcalled”, and “that’s just the way it is for women.” We are programmed to accept the fact that we will be sexualized every time we step out of the house.

We are finally coming together and acknowledging the issues. We are done letting things roll off our backs, and we are done looking the other way.

Our time is here, our time is now, our time has come, and your TIME IS UP.

All proceeds go to the Time’s Up Legal Defense fund:…/times-up-feat-kalie-s…/1337076117