Song Suffragettes

On February 27th, I had the pleasure of playing with Song Suffragettes at The Listening Room Cafe in Nashville, TN.
Here are a couple videos of the performance. Hope you enjoy!


‘In The Sun’ Demo

A few months ago, Kalie Shorr and I wrote a song that is very close to my heart called ‘In The Sun’. We did a demo for the song last week, produced by Jason Afable. Check it out on SoundCloud!



The new EP ‘Puzzle’ is out now! Grab a physical copy from the online store or download it from iTunes or any music streaming site.

I am so incredibly proud of this EP. We have been working on it since June 2015. All of the songs are co-written between Zac Maloy, Andy Skib, and myself. The musicians were hand picked by Zac and let me tell you…they were fantastic! I had an out of body experience being in the wonderful studios on Music Row creating music with these guys and hearing these songs come to life. All five tracks mean so much to me and are a great representation of where I am in my life. I have learned so much making this record and am excited to see everyone’s response.
I hope you enjoy ‘Puzzle’ just as much as I enjoyed making it!